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Moderator Needed!

I'm needing someone to help me moderate this lj community and help me run it, if you are interested, contact me, through my livejournal by commenting on an entry in my livejournal. So far, I only need 1 moderator. If the community grows later, I will need more moderators, but for now one moderator will do.

To be accepted as a moderator, Here are a few simple requirements:

1.) You must be a member of this livejournal community. I won't accept someone that isn't a member of this community as a moderator. If you want to be a moderator, join this community, and contact me through my livejournal.

2.) Do not reply to my "friends only" entry in my livejournal saying you want to be a moderator. Choose a different entry to respond to regarding moderatorship. If I decide to have you as a moderator, I will respond to you in a reply to your comment and we'll discuss other womensrights community related stuff like: user pic, layout, userinfo bio section, interests section, banners for the community, etc.

3.) You should have "women's rights" listed as one of your interests on your user info page.

4.) If more than one person wants to be moderator, I will contact each person through their livejournals and ask them why they want to be a moderator. I will choose the best answer and they will be a moderator.

5.) If you ever leave this community, I will delete you as moderator. If you delete your livejournal, I will delete you as moderator.

6.) If you ever decide you no longer want to be a moderator for some reason, let me know and I will get a new moderator.

7.) If your interested in being a moderator, you can respond to this post instead of contacting me through my livejournal. It's up to you.


May 2009

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