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Sarah Palin.... FEMINIST?!

I’ve had a more than a couple of days to simmer with the idea of Sarah Palin as Mc Cain’s running mate. However, recently a new thought appeared in my head. Apparently Sarah is now being pegged as a “feminist” just because she’s a woman in a position of power and she has broken the “glass ceiling“ that up until this point, republicans had chosen to ignore.

I was already upset at the fact that the liberals had an opportunity to have a kick-ass female in the presidential candidate position. And even more upset when the Obama campaign did not elect Hilary as the liberal running mate. I honestly felt like the republicans decided to choose a woman BECAUSE that would tick off the liberals and also to get momentum and more camera time just for her sex. And so far my theories seem to have been proven true.

I’ve seen her as the main topic in various news channels, on countless newspapers, and in various magazines including the covers of PEOPLE, US WEEKLY and OK! magazine. Never the less, the one article that really ticked me off came from a not well known-unless your in Hollywood- magazine who shall remain nameless. It features her on the cover with the subtitle THE FEMINIST CONSERVATIVE and inside it reads FEMINISM’S NEXT WAVE. So with that said, I’ll go ahead with MY thoughts:

The convention itself didn’t look to me like an actual political event. To start off it reminded me of one of those award shows they show on VH1 or MTV. Obama accepted his nomination…which in itself was a little redundant, and I was honestly laughing when people were chanting Clinton’s name over and over and he was just standing there probably thinking he was cool.

Of course I was surprised when McCain Dropped the Sara-BOMB on the democrats by announcing that his running mate had a vajayjay. I also decided to inform myself on her because this woman from Alaska has actual power here. I mean, she has the ability to pull away women voters who don’t like Obama. And then its another republican term in the white house.

So I guess its needless to say that I think we’re fucked either way. Women actually have POWER to decide who the next president will be, most probably will NOT vote, and I think Obama fucked himself over by not choosing Clinton.

Moving on. Sara is NOT a feminist and I don’t care if you think otherwise. First of all she did NOT break the proverbial glass ceiling. Geraldine Ferraro did back in 84. Google it! Secondly, just because she is honestly benefiting from our fore mothers who FOUGHT for women to be recognized and to have positions of power does not make her a card carrying feminist.

I honestly commend her for being a working mom. Power to you if you can juggle your home, children, and still work to put food on the table. However that power I just gave her gets taken away because she is currently on the ticket with mc Cain to support businesses that practice wage discrimination based on gender, opposing health insurance coverage for kids, and favors weakening the family and medical leave act. Which are all KEY for working mom’s.

On another note, she OBVIOUSLY opposes women’s right to choose. She is against abortion EVEN in cases of incest and rape. She is all for you giving the baby up for adoption and for keeping the baby, but I think this only applies for her own daughter because she cut funding for shelters for pregnant teens during her ten years and She is for abstinence only sex education, which has so obviously failed - even in her own home.

Now I have a lot of thoughts in this particular area, but I will just say this. I am not against sex. I am definitely not against pre-marital sex, I know my parents aren’t against it, nor are my friends. However, I AM against sex if it is not safe and if you are not well informed, or mentally prepared for it. I believe that abstinence only sex education defies common sense, spreads ignorance, and sends a confusing message to teens. When it comes to sex, most people think of actual intercourse, but oral and anal sex counts as well. And that is definitely NOT a subject that abstinence only education goes over. So how can one actually believe, much less EXPECT, that this will prevent teen pregnancies? I don’t know.
However, I do know that if someone is well informed, they can at least take actual responsibilities for their actions and decide their game-plan accordingly


May 2009

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